Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Care and Wear Instructions for Tutu Dresses

Your new creation will arrive folded in a box... please remove asap and hang upside down and inside out to make the tutu or dress the fullest and fluffiest when your new tutu or dress will be worn...

To Fluff... gently shake!
To Straighten... run your fingers down through tulle strands. Be careful if you have embellishments. You can also lightly mist with water and/or hang in steamy bathroom for 5-10 minutes!
To Clean... spot wash only!
To Store... we recommend you hang it inside out!

To care for dresses or tutus with curly ribbons...
you may re-curl the ribbons with a curling iron be careful not to touch any part of the dress or tutu with the curling iron as you may burn the tulle... now we don't want that... after you curl the ribbons you can bobby pin the curls in place and remove bobby pins when the dress or tutu will be worn:0)

CAUTION: Giggles, grins and extra twirling have been reported!
SPONTANEOUS dancing will occur!!!

Parental supervision is required while your child is wearing her Fairy Wonderful creation as small parts can cause a choking hazard.

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