Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So even though my work is all about fairies and rainbows.... I have to say... my little inspirations(my kids) somehow find the dirt everywhere we go. It is like they are magnets.. I don't get it.


One Creative Queen said...


I saw your comment over on Girly Stuff and decided to check out this blog that has no visitors. ;) I think your blog is absolutely adorable and I will start visiting. :) I'm seriously annoyed that your blog is so cute - I've been trying and trying to get my blog to look similarly, instead of the ugly out-of-a-can I have it now - but I can't figure out how to do it. (sigh) But it makes me happy to visit places like yours - so I can live in color and wonderful design somewhere!

I like your posts and am glad I stumbled across your comment. :) I'll keep checking in - I've got you bookmarked. :)

MamaJenn said...

Love those pictures! Kids are so fun and carefree. Love your handmade beauties, you are very talented. :o)


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